Services // Detailed and Bulk Excavation

The services Ross Earthmoving offer is anything to do with earthmoving machines, equipment and attachments.

We can be contracted on a per cubic metre rate, per ton rate, hired by the hour, per truck load, or if preferred a fixed price quotation to carry out excavation work from the bulk right through to the detail ready for the concrete to be placed.

We have a full range of earthmoving plant available for hire. We will recommend the best type of plant for the job, large or small;

We can excavate and remove from site VENM, ENM and general solid waste, or masonry material being bricks/concrete etc.

  • Specialising in difficult sites with narrow and confined spaces.
  • Site clearing and preparation, cut and filling of a site.
  • Footings and foundations, augers for piering/piling.
  • Hammering and rocksawing of sandstone, rock and concrete.
  • Retention tanks, dams and ponds.
  • Tennis, basketball and any type of court preparation, with dual grade laser levelling.
  • Horse dressage arena preparation and construction.
  • Drainage and trenching for builders, plumbers and electricians.
  • Construction of rock retaining walls, footings and foundations.
  • Landscaping preparation works, preparing and improving subsoil, and importing sands and soils, roadbase materials, sandstone boulders.
  • Landfill and clean compactable fill available and delivered.
  • Swimming Pool Excavation and filling in unwanted pools.
Photograph of bulk excavation machinery